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An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a person who has successfully completed a 130 hour Department of Transportation EMT National Standard Training Program and is Certified by the State Office of Emergency Medical Services. A Certified EMT is trained to render immediate care for the sick and injured. Recommended preparation for prospective EMT’s include school subjects math, English, driver education, health and science courses.


A volunteer or paid professional who is a team member of the EMS system and who is responsible for administering emergency medical care to the sick and injured.

You've Called what?

1) Give your exact address, do not assume the dispatcher has your correct address

2) When using a mobile phone, the dispatcher does NOT have any address information on your location

2) Give landmarks

3) Follow any and all instructions  the dispatcher gives you

4) Leave an outside light on or send someone to direct the EMS personnel to the victim

5) Do not hang up or disconnect the call until told to do so by the dispatcher

6) If you accidentally dial 911, Do Not Hang Up.  Tell the dispatcher it was in error and follow their instructions

7) Teach all children in the household how to correctly dial 911.  Emphasis the importance of it being only used for emergencies.

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